Zoe Toolan

I place massive importance on direct experience and meaningful social interaction - the serious convo kind and the daft messing about kind that often says so much more. Her work therefore centres around social Live Art practises bringing people together for hopefully way more than just that event.

"Live Art is a relatively new way of thinking, throwing up questions to agitate traditional spaces and disrupt established ways of doing: personal revelations through activity is not an object that can sit on a plinth and a one off live happening is not an object that can hang on a wall; unless that image is a documentation of the event, which becomes a one dimensional representation anyway and is a much debated topic within Live Art. So this - where you are now - Celina and my attempt to address, ask questions and figure out this dichotomy a tiny bit within this virtual space. And if you're interested in anything it raises, join us for more debate around this at my workshop here!


This live drawing board is an interactive collaboration between you, curator, artist, us, tech and time.


Have a doodle! Just know your drawing will only exist for as long as you're on the page. You can screenshot your drawing if you want but if you do, how does that change your relationship towards it? Does your work's ephemerality make it more or less valid than a piece that'll last forever? Does your work's ephemerality make it more or less exciting than a piece that be the same forever? Does a screen shot make your piece into an object? Or would it only become an object if it was printed? Will you ever look at your screen shot again? Would you ever want to print and frame your drawing? Why do you/do you not want to keep your work? Is your resulting drawing more or less important than your experience of creating it? And possibly the most important question: is your drawing art, or is the creative process that resulted in this drawing board the art? Or both?

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