Relics (2020)
Yang-En Hume

I create cyanotypes from found photographs and fabric collected at flea markets to highlight the erasure of womens’ stories and histories. Flea markets in Europe feature overwhelming amounts of domestic detritus displayed in disorganised piles, a striking contrast to the carefully organised and labelled artefacts exhibited in museums. These differences reveal a valuing of certain histories and an overlooking of others. I am fascinated by the intimate, private nature of these items. Personal histories seem to be embedded within the surfaces of found objects, which simultaneously reveal and conceal so much about the people who once owned them. 


Cyanotypes obscure details, reflecting the way that found objects only tell us fragments of a story. I document the cyanotypes and print them digitally onto overlapping layers of translucent fabric. These are then cut, arranged and embroidered, further concealing and distorting the original objects. I invite the audience to question why certain stories and objects are memorialised in museums while others are overlooked. My work aims to highlight the unseen labour of women and pay homage to the often overlooked domestic crafts.

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