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Felt making: On a white cube
by Stephanie Crechriou 

Join this workshop with felt-making tutor, Stephanie Crechriou to explore the limits imposed upon art through the 'white cube'. Translating the term 'white cube' literally onto felt, the workshop encourages participants to craft on the cube than within it, considering the means by which artists have exposed or refused them through their practice.


Stephanie has been teaching the technique of felt making, turning wool into amazing bespoke felt items since 2010.

Registration required. 15 participants max.

*Workshop link will be sent to registered participants via email one day before the event.

12 - 2pm (BST)
Saturday 26 September


£19.99/kit exc. VAT


Felt kits will be mailed to registered participants. 


Felt kits include:
• 1 white cube
• 3 needles
• 10 colours of wool

- extracted from About LADA

(Live Art Development Agency) - What is Live Art?

"Rather than a description of an artform or discipline, Live Art is a way of thinking about what art is, what it can do, and where and how it can be experienced."  

And to quote Thom Yorke:

"Just 'cause you feel it, 

Doesn't mean it's there."

All And Nothing
by Zoe Toolan 

With that in mind, Toolan would like to lead you into a collaborative and surprisingly haptic virtual space where expanded drawing meets Live Art. This fully participatory, one-time only Zoom hour of critical thinking, playful chat, deep discussion and interesting doings will challenge the forth wall and decentralise the importance of the art object, hopefully resulting in nothing, yet everything! 

6 - 7.30 pm (BST)
Wednesday 23 September



• a packet of your favourite snack (to offer fellow participants)
• an empty cup/glass
• pen and paper (any size)
• a memory of your favourite event
• Blu-Tack (equivalent product)

Meeting ID: 824 6035 6954
Passcode: 327503