Covid Diaries (2020)
Grace Slater

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Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, I worked in a nursing home which was hit badly by virus. We lost seventeen residents in three weeks, most of the staff became unwell and my partner got very sick. In my attempts to understand and process my own fear for my colleagues and loved ones, I looked to Photography for guidance. Each day for the first month, I took an image on both my Polaroid and Mamiya; Mamiya in the morning and Polaroid in the evening. This allowed me to set a structure amongst the chaos whilst also documenting a time of uncertainty and anxiety.

My photographic practice is mainly focused on human emotion and interaction whilst also questioning the connection and relevance of Photography and its ability or inability to depict emotion. Usually, my
 work takes the form of  a temporary installation - each time different and paired with other medias that aim to trigger a particular emotion within the audience. Regularly investigating feelings of Shame, Otherness, Love and Hate, my work is a personal attempt to understand why we feel the things that we do and if Photography itself can truly represent something intangible.