As The AntiMA works towards being a collaborative, alternative education programme, Curations invites you to curate featured works by the exhibiting artists and share your thoughts behind your curations. Through this process, we hope to form a reverse dialogue where artists learn from the audience, considering how your ideas could contribute to the development of their artistic practice.
To participate:
1. Resize, move or rotate the artworks within the set parameters.
2. Once you are finished, take print screen(s) of your curation. Upload them in the comment box below the set parameters on the right.
With the prompt questions below, we would also like to know why you have curated the show the unique way that you did:
• Are the placement of artworks scattered, grouped in categories, placed in a linear manner? Why have you placed one artwork next to another, or in a group? What relationship do they have? Are they harmonised or in contrast with one another?

• Why have you enlarged or diminished the size of a certain artwork? Is there a significance behind its scale? 
IMG_0505 (1)
Wedge - A tussle between

Share your curations with us!