Stephanie Crechriou

Video (16 mins)

I will take you through the process of needle felting as you watch this video of myself making a white cube.

The technique of felting always involves interweaving fibres together, laying the wool in an order of a horizontal layer over a vertical layer. I layered down 12 layers for the white cube.

I used Shropshire tops which is a medium coarse wool and a 36 Gauge triangle felting needle to build the 3D shape of my cube.

When the cube shape is roughly made, I use one or two 40 Gauge triangle needles to finish the shape and make the surfaces flat and angles square.

Through creative workshops, I encourage participants of all ages to explore their capacities, their imagination, to feel confident to create some amazing bespoke items and therefore bring a feeling of achievement and empowerment to each and everyone.

In my workshops, audience can expect to learn about the history and science of wool & felt, as well as, the ancient wet felting and modern needle felting technique.


Crechriou has been teaching the technique of felt making, turning wool into amazing bespoke felt items  since 2010.

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