Objectivity: a constellation of ideas, objects and people

21 Jan – 21 Feb 2020
Exhibition Studio Workshop, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

Objectivity: a constellation of ideas, objects and people featured a selection of objects from The David Usborne Collection, which shares limited biographies regarding their provenance and history. Echoing curator Paul O’Neill’s notion of the ‘paracuratorial’, the exhibition space was transformed to a gathering point, serving as a method of research for collecting, assembling and producing knowledge. It aimed to enable spaces of agency to include multiple perspectives and voices in the writing of object biographies through its processual curatorial approach.

In line with our research interest, the exhibition hosted a line-up of public programmes that draw on different education and learning pedagogies toward examining the hegemony of interpretation and authorship within art and cultural institutions.

Public Programmes:
1. This Reminds Me Of..
2. Re-writing Object Biographies
3. Online Publication Launch

Our research findings were materialised in the form of an online publication, coinciding with the exhibition close. The publication is available here

Curators: Celina Loh, Dana Chan, Gu Ni, Jiaying Gao, Lisa Logotheti, Qinru Zhou, Reece Woodhams, Seowon Nam and Shin-Hung Liu​

Installation and public programme images of

Objectivity: a constellation of ideas, objects and people
Images by Seowon Nam and Reece Woodhams

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