John Latham: Now Forget Everything You Ever Knew

MA Final Show, 20 - 26 September 2020
Click to be directed to Chelsea Space website where the exhibition can be downloaded 


Constituent of my master's degree in Curating and Collections, my colleagues and I collectively curated the exhibition John Latham: Now Forget Everything You Ever Knew,  an online exhibition that starts from an untitled, undated poem written by John Latham, a pioneer of British conceptual art.

Latham’s elusive text speaks to a process of unlearning, through an exploration of language that attempts to interrogate received knowledge. In correspondence with such ideas, Ifeanyi Awachie, Anna Barham and Noa Latham have been invited to respond to John Latham’s writing through the lens of poetics, time and politics. The exhibition, John Latham: Now Forget Everything You Ever Knew presents the poem’s archival document in an interactive pdf format. Through distinct hyperlinked words and punctuation (‘became’, ‘-’, ‘different’) across the text, viewers will be directed to contributions by the invited participants.

Through this methodology the exhibition considers the ways in which language contributes to the dismantling of certain received knowledge, and how the politics of forgetting might be instructive for antiracist discourse and wide-spread practices of decolonisation; to consolidate and recontextualise our histories; to embrace our intuition as Incidental Persons. Coined by Latham, the ‘Incidental Person’ is able to critically reflect from a distance and respond to social and political situations through their intuition. The curatorial approach is based on a careful consideration of the artist’s ideas and works throughout his years.


This exhibition is a collaboration between MA Curating and Collections (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL) and Flat Time House (a London landmark that was declared a Living Sculpture in 2003). The show stems from extensive research of John Latham’s archival material supervised by Flat Time House Director and Curator Gareth Bell-Jones.

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