Ballets Russes: Concealed Histories
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Ballets Russes: Concealed Histories is my MA Curating and Collections interim show 2020. The exhibition presented a survey of Ballets Russes garments, showcasing myriad details that contributed to their recognition as one of the most influential ballet companies of the 20th century. 


As part of the publication team, I designed exhibition handouts to achieve the objectives of the exhibition. Due to Covid-19, the exhibition had to be reconfigured to be showcased online. I designed and developed the exhibition website, integrated email marketing and optimised checkout pages for increased conversions.


At that time, the absences and presences within public spaces corresponded to the show's overarching concept of hauntology. My proposal to organise a mail exhibition on top of our online platform was successfully implemented; it presented an accessible approach in curating collections that is catered to marginalised audience with minimal internet access.