Celina Loh is a curator with a profound interest in the conjunction of curating and education; the relevance and ideals of radical pedagogy in collaborative community practices despite institutional constraints.

Presently, she is assisting in the development of 'Blunt Blades' an exhibition to be opened in 2021 at The Higgins Bedford; supporting artist Arabel Rosillo de Blas in the writing of Arts Council England project grant application requesting £14.9k.

In addition to her curatorial role, Celina is an artist whose practice is influenced by her Peranakan heritage and peripatetic lifestyle. Integrating batik fabrics and techniques with hard edge painting, her work that is a juxtaposition of colours, materials, patterns and geometric to organic shapes explores the boundaries of cultural identities within abstraction. 

Celina is formerly associated to the art collectives, Up North Arts (UNA) and Little Art House Studios (LAH).

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